A revolutionary humanoid robot that engages children faster than traditional therapy and delivers research-based lessons that teach social behaviors.


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Robokind offers a new, highly effective way to teach social skills to children with Autism.

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Advanced Technology

An HD camera allows our robot to see people, objects, motions, facial expressions and gestures. An internal computer runs his movement, intelligence and teaching programs. Microphones listen, speak and record. Sensors detect touch, faces and motion.

Expressive Humanoid

Our robot has a humanoid body that talks, listens and moves expressively, purposely and naturally. His arms and legs move – he walks! His is built with a full range of facial muscles so he can express and demonstrate most human emotions while interacting.


Robokind’s robots’ powerful artificial intelligence, CompuCompassion, includes the ability to detect faces, track motion, recognize speech, interact with people conversationally, analyze interactions and make engagement and teaching decisions.

Autism Experts

We collaborated with top autism experts to define a research-based, multi-phase curriculum for autism intervention and social skills training. Meet the autism experts who helped us develop the curriculum and continue to collaborate on Robots4Autism.

Matching Grant

We seek partners to drive continued development of this effective intervention tool. When you purchase our autism intervention program (research-based, expert written), you receive a complimentary social robot with the promise to provide us with development feedback.

Our autism robot delivers innovative and research-based lessons that teach all aspects of social understanding. Our goal is to augment traditional therapy by improving a child’s ability to use social behaviors in natural contexts now and into adulthood.