Our autism robot delivers innovative and research-based lessons that teach all aspects of social understanding. Our goal is to augment traditional therapy by improving a child’s ability to use social behaviors in natural contexts now and into adulthood.

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Expressive Humanoid

Fully Expressive Face with a full range of facial muscles allowing a broad display of expressions including:

  • Smile
  • Frown
  • Blink
  • Angry
  • Surprised
  • Happy
  • Sad

Humanoid Body with the ability to walk and move its arms, eyes that move naturally

Advanced Technology

  • A high definition camera
  • Internal computer
  • Microphones
  • Multiple sensors that detect touch, faces, track motion,
  • Speech and ability to converse

Artificial Intelligence

  • speak in a variety of voices and languages
  • listen to speech, music, and other sounds
  • move expressively, purposefully, naturally
  • see people, objects, motion, expressions, gestures
  • sense when redirection is necessary
  • react and interact physically and verbally
  • Records interaction for analysis
  • Makes decisions based on user’s observed emotional state
  • Estimates and confidence values delivered to a facilitator to assist real-time decision making

Autism Experts

Meet the autism experts who helped us develop the curriculum and continue to collaborate on Robots4Autism. Autism Experts.

A revolutionary humanoid robot that engages children faster than traditional therapy and intrinsically motivates them to learn.